Standard accounts structure

Glopal works and recommends a standard Merchant Center and Google Ads configuration. If this doesn’t work for you, please reach out to your Glopal rep or account manager for other options.

We understand that it could be appealing to have several domestic Merchant Center accounts or Google Ads accounts per currency, budget, or country.

However, our recommendation is to simplify towards the below structure. Multiple accounts induce a lot more work on your side to manage and track.

Finally, Google Ads being very greedy in data, having a single account maximizes the amount of available data for the campaigns. While multiple accounts naturally means less data in each one.

Glopal considers each store to be unique and for each store is considered a distinct account in Google Ads:

  • 1 shop domain (ex:

  • 1 store in Glopal

  • 1 Google Merchant Center domestic account (123456789)

  • 1 Google Ads account (111-2222-333)

  • 1 account objective and 1 ROAS target

If you own several stores, each store needs its dedicated set of configuration as mentioned above.

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