Site speed


Many tools for measuring site performance work by loading pages in the browser from different locations. If the origin site is having Glopal JavaScript snippet installed and the automatic redirection Geo-localization feature is enabled, measurements may be skewed by double-measuring page load. As the tool is accessing a page from the international location, during page load Geo-localization feature can redirect to the localized site. Most tools in default configuration will include redirection time and the second load of the localized site in the measurement results.

While buyers will also experience redirection (and a partial load of the origin page, followed by the full load of the localized page), this will happen only once after which the buyer would continue to browse the localized site without any slowdowns.

It is important to configure your performance measurement tool to not trigger redirection or to measure only from the domestic country. International site performance can then be measured by measuring localized sites as the entry point.

To prevent redirection, append wi=off parameter to the query string when defining performance measurement entry point.

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