Cancellation & refund

You can cancel or refund international orders that were placed via Glopal. Depending on the payment option and shipping option that you use, the process will differ.

Canceling an order means that you stop the processing and this order won’t be shipped. You can cancel the order via API or log in to your Glopal Merchant Account and cancel the order using the user interface. A full amount of the order will be automatically refunded to the buyer.

When you refund an order, it means it was shipped but for whatever reason, you send payment back to the customer. You can refund an entire order or only part of an order, either through the Glopal Merchant Account or via API.

API methods are described on the Order API documentation page.

Please, note that Glopal is not updating the order status in your eCommerce platform after the order has been canceled or refunded.

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