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Glopal is a full-stack cross-border ecommerce solution that enables online merchants to quickly and easily boost their international sales.

To sell their products to millions of buyers worldwide, merchants do not need any more to invest time and resources to design, develop, adapt, host new individual sites and manage translations in tens of languages. Find out how our Localization Proxy works and how to smoothly integrate with Glopal solution to benefit from all our localization features.

Hybrid Proxy

When clicking a link in the browser, a request is sent to the server hosting the page you want to visit. The server sends back a response to the browser which contains all information needed to display the page: structure, content, dynamic element, etc.

To create international localized websites, Glopal adds a proxy server in front of the origin site.

In computer networks, a proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary for requests, that receives the request sent by the browser, fetches required information from the server hosting the page, and then sends back a response to the browser.

Glopal Localization Proxy is a cloud-based solution with the ability to modify the request received from the browser, as well as to modify the response that will be sent back to the browser.

Our localization solution deals efficiently with many text-based content types (HTML, JavaScript, JSON, XML), as well as handling replacements/redirections for binary data.

Modern web experiences include:

  • Rich media content

  • Dynamic and personalized content rendered with JavaScript

  • An increasing number of APIs and third-party content

Glopal Localization Proxy is built as a hybrid proxy solution, extending server-side localization with client-side localization. Injecting a client-side JavaScript snippet allows Glopal to localize dynamic and third-party content and ensure that third-party content is loaded via our localization solution.

This unique hybrid solution enables Glopal to serve a customized version of a webpage while solving limitations that are frequently encountered with other proxy-localization solutions.

Supported Sites

Glopal localization solution is platform-agnostic.

It can easily be leveraged with a plug & play integration for any store running on common platforms such as:

  • Shopify

  • Magento 1 & 2 / Adobe Commerce

  • BigCommerce

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud or

  • Visualsoft

If your store is running on another or custom platform, using the Glopal localization solution may require some adjustments depending on the level of complexity, but a vast majority of features will just work out of the box.

Glopal localization is compatible with a range of headless content management systems.

Site Performance

Glopal has built a robust proxy solution that can deliver a localized shopping experience in real-time to any buyer in the world.

Thanks to smart content distribution and caching, Glopal Localization Proxy enables an optimized response-time despite a series of highly complex operations involving localization engine, currency conversion, and tailored customization rules. This plays a key role to render a smooth ecommerce experience with higher conversion rates.

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