Comparison Shopping Services (CSS)

Google Shopping is both the ad platform and also the service through which all merchant bids compete in order to place Shopping Ads. As a service, Google Shopping takes a commission that the European Commission ruled abusive. Google has since provided a way for merchants to bid through other service providers as opposed to just its own. These are called Comparison Shopping Services (CSS).

A Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) is a website that collects product offers from retailers. Each Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) can place Shopping Ads on behalf of merchants in 21 European Economic Area countries (including the UK and Switzerland). Learn more.

Using a Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) to place Shopping Ads means that there is no preset bid commission paid to Google. This results in merchants having higher bidding power in comparison to the traditional Google Shopping service.

In order to take advantage of this capability, Glopal has developed an integrated CSS feature you can work with.

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