Plug & Play integration

If your shopping platform is Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento and you have Glopal’s plugin installed, Glopal will automatically import orders completed in the Glopal Checkout straight into your store backend.

Each order is a record of a complete purchase and contains details of the buyers, their cart and transaction details. You will be able to get the following data.

When using plug and play integrations, Glopal inserts a subset of order data into your eCommerce backend (as supported by the eCommerce platform integration), which can be further enriched with direct integration using event webhooks and Order API.

General Information

  • Order number: Once the order is created, the order number is assigned automatically by your platform.

  • The date and time of the order: The data and time of the order are set by your platform. The time zone used depends on your store’s configuration.

  • Source of the order: Defines which channel the order is coming from. Orders marked as “Google Shopping Worldwide by Glopal” are placed via Glopal’s international checkout.

Items Details

  • Items listing: A list of ordered items. It contains a description, SKU of the item, options or/and variations.

  • Total price: It is the sum of the items’ price, shipping price and taxes if applicable. The price is converted into the store’s origin currency. There is a possibility to send the order in the buyer’s paid currency.

  • Discount: An amount or percentage that is deducted from the normal selling price. Glopal converts the discounted value into the buyer’s currency and pushes it as a custom discount. More details are added into the order notes section.

  • Tax: Percentage of tax applied to the item net price. Depending on the store’s VAT settings and buyer destination the tax price is VAT excluded or VAT included.

  • Shipping price: This is a price that the buyer pays for the item delivery.

  • Shipping method: This is the shipping method name that the buyer selected on the international checkout. Shipping method may be Glopal’s or merchant’s.

  • Payment method: This is the payment method the buyer used on the international checkout. It can be PayPal payment gateway or Glopal (in integration with payment gateways) as a payment method.

Customer Data

  • Buyer’s name

  • Buyer’s shipping and billing addresses

  • Buyer’s email address

  • Buyer’s phone number

Order Notes

This section contains additional information that Glopal sends with the order.

  • Transaction details: If the transaction is processed via PayPal it is a transaction id associated with the order.

  • Currency exchange rate: This is the rate that is used during the transaction. Glopal converts the price retrieved from the store into the buyer’s currency.

  • Details on the discount (if applicable): This is the discount code that was used during the checkout.

  • Details on price roundings / adjustments if applicable: This details the adjustment and rounding that were applied to the prices.

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