In order to offer international checkout to your buyers, Glopal will have to interact with a cart during a customer’s session. This is the main integration point. This section describes what are the possible ways to do a cart transfer so international checkout can be initiated.

Plug & Play integration

Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento - those are platforms that Glopal offers plugins for. This fast and easy integration supports a cart transfer by default and you don’t have to do any bespoke development.

If for any reason, there is a failure in the data from merchant cart to Glopal checkout, the customer will be redirected to the merchant's domestic checkout to complete their order.

Checkout API

If your platform is not among the listed platforms supported through the plugin, Glopal offers an easy-to-use Checkout API that you can use to transfer the buyer’s cart and redirect the buyer to the Glopal Checkout.

Integration with Glopal Checkout API should happen on the server-side. In the checkout funnel, you can decide the appropriate step when a buyer should be redirected to the Glopal Checkout to complete the purchase. Checkout API expects to receive information about the buyer's cart content and a checkout experience (country, language, currency) to be presented. In the successful response, API returns URL to redirect buyer into Glopal Checkout.

Glopal will share with you a secret API key for authentication.

Checkout will be presented to the visitor in the French language, with USD price converted to EUR and localized in the "calculated prices" mode according to predefined price localization rules.

  "short_name": "mystore",
  "cart": {
    "currency": "USD"
  "visitor": {
    "destination": "FR"
  "items": [
      "id": "5VBHU31KX1S0",
      "name": "Women Chevron Printed Trumpet Hem Dress",
      "quantity": 1,
      "regular_price": 25

If the total cost calculation feature is activated, duties and taxes will be calculated and charged on top of the items (and shipping method price). Note that total cost calculation may require additional data attributes or pre-existing integration/setup.

Custom development

If the above options are unsuitable for your needs, you can expose the cart content in a machine-readable form so that Glopal will facilitate the cart transfer from the localized site.

Your platform must support a public endpoint that can be fetched in the session scope (passing a set of HTTP cookies) exposing cart information with enough details to allow cart transfer to the international checkout.

Cart content should contain the list of items that have been added to the cart, including:

  • product name

  • SKU

  • price and quantity

  • discount amounts

Glopal will then facilitate mapping the cart response into the Checkout API, as presented above. Please see the Checkout API description for more information on expected fields and values.

The response should be signed for integrity and authentication.

The response may be encrypted for confidentiality unless information included in the response (product, price, cart quantity) is not already public to the visitor and is not confidential.

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