Magento Configuration

Glopal Checkout

When installed, this module enables Glopal to automatically offer Glopal Checkout to all international buyers. By default, shoppers on sites localized by Glopal are redirected to Glopal Checkout, where they can finalize their purchases in the language and currency matching the localized experience.

Further configuration options, such as setting up checkout callbacks for custom integration or deciding whether invoices should automatically be generated for orders imported from Glopal, can be set from the Stores > Configuration > Glopal > Checkout screen.

If you are not using the Glopal website localization solution, it is still possible to replace Magento Checkout with Glopal Checkout for selected Magento store views. To always use Glopal Checkout, navigate to Stores > Configuration > Glopal > Checkout and select the "Redirect Magento to Glopal Checkout" option. This action reveals additional settings, including the choice of a default (pre-selected) destination country for buyers redirected to Glopal Checkout from this specific Magento store view.

Glopal Duty & Tax Calculation

Glopal Checkout

Glopal Checkout offers a seamless localization experience by matching the language, currency, payment, and delivery preferences relevant to your international customers. Additionally, it features full Duty & Tax calculation integration with an extension to Glopal carrier integrations and else.

Depending on your chosen pricing strategy and setup, duty & tax can be charged in addition to your catalog prices, or considered to be included in your catalog prices.

To use Duty & Tax calculation in Glopal Checkout, no additional configuration is required in Magento. If Glopal is calculating Duty & Tax, orders imported back to Magento will include Glopal calculated amounts and totals, with full Magento integration making the calculation visible on the order details screen, generated invoices, and more.

Magento Checkout

Leveraging Glopal's composable architecture, it is possible to keep your existing Magento Checkout and use Glopal Duty & Tax calculation or mix different setups for different countries.

To activate Glopal Duty & Tax calculation while keeping your existing Magento Checkout, navigate to the Stores > Configuration > Glopal > Checkout and enable the "Use Glopal Duty & Tax in Magento Checkout" option. Complete the required fields as given by your Glopal account manager.

When Glopal Duty & Tax calculation is enabled, Glopal will present the calculation result directly in the Magento Checkout. The calculation starts from your existing catalog and shipping prices, as they are configured in Magento.

When using Glopal Checkout, Glopal can automatically localize your Magento catalog price (domestic market price) for the destination market with calculation rules. However, when using Magento Checkout, you must set the destination prices within Magento itself.

Matching the built-in tax options in Magento, you can choose if the calculated duty should appear as an additional charge in the checkout (Duty in Prices: Excluded) or if it should be considered as already included in the catalog and shipping prices.

Excluding Duty & TaxIncluding Duty & Tax

Catalog price

100 €

100.00 €


10 €

7.57 €


22 €

16.67 €

Grand Total

132 €

100.00 €

Net Price

100 €

75.76 €

The Glopal calculation only appears at checkout after the shipping address and method have been selected. To ensure a consistent buyer experience, it is important to align the Price Display Settings with the Calculation Method. All settings can be found under Stores > Configuration > Sales > Tax in the Magento dashboard:

  • If Catalog Price is set Including Tax

    • Set "Including Tax" price as visible in price display and shopping cart display settings

  • If Catalog Price is set Excluding Tax

    • Set "Excluding Tax" price as visible in price display and shopping cart display settings

Attribute Mapping

Product Data

Product attributes are an essential part of the cart content used by Glopal to offer international checkout and/or calculate duties and taxes.

When the module is installed, Glopal will automatically recognize product items and details from the Magento cart. By default, we will pass all product attributes that are standard to Magento.

However, to ensure all non-standardized attributes are passed, you will need to setup Attribute Mapping. The non-standardized attributes in Magento might be HS codes, brand names, or any other custom attributes associated with the product.

Having a valid HS code is crucial for accurate duty and tax calculations. If your catalog lacks this data, Glopal can provide automatic HS code classification.

As different product types may require different mapping, multiple attributes from different attribute sets may be mapped to the same Glopal Attribute.

  1. Select Glopal Attribute

  2. Select Product Attribute Set

  3. Select Product Attribute from that set

If you need to map additional attributes, click the Add button.

Shipping Data

If using Glopal Duty & Tax for your Magento Checkout, it is important for Glopal to recognize if the buyer should pre-pay duty and import taxes (shipping Delivered Duty Paid) or if no duty & tax charge should be collected.

The "Default" option allows a simple configuration to set the same behavior for all shipping methods Mapping allows you to provide specific configuration if you use a combination of different shipping methods.

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