Traffic Splitting

Show localized sites under paths next to your existing site content

Setting up Traffic Splitting


To use Traffic Splitting, you must have a service in your tech stack that can forward requests based on the URL pattern. We have included examples for Microsoft IIS, NGINX and Cloudflare.

Selecting in-scope Paths

When deciding to implement Traffic Splitting, you have to identify all paths where Glopal should show localized site content. You would need to delegate those paths to Glopal.

Directory PathDelegate to Glopal?







If during your planning you find that there are URLs that shouldn't be inscope, for example, we have decided that /ch/checkout/* should not be inscope, we would recommend negative regex so these endpoints are not passed to Glopal.

If you need assistance writing the regex, please reach out to your Implementation Specialist who will be able to assist you.

Platform instructions

Select below the correct instructions for the service you are running.

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