Price localization

Glopal offers two price localization models:

  1. Calculated Prices

  2. Fixed Prices

Calculated Prices

In the Calculated Prices model, your site is expected to show original prices (in the original currency), and Glopal will automatically localize prices following the specified configuration.

Glopal will identify all prices on the website by targeting a combination of the numerical amounts and expected currency symbols and apply the price localization rules described below. Optional metadata may be included in the site output to adjust price localization.

Input prices can be interpreted as net (excluding any taxes) or origin gross (including origin country taxes). In the latter case, Glopal can remove original taxes from all prices to get the net price to localize from.

When an international buyer visits a localized site, Glopal will by default show prices localized to the local currency of the destination market. Glopal allows buyers to switch to another currency using the country selector widget.

In the Price Localization rules, some options are defined per country (market) and some options are defined per currency. It is this combination of country and currency that describes how the price buyer will see on the localized site.

Price Localization Rules

Currency Conversion

Glopal will convert prices to the destination currency using the currency exchange rate based on the applicable daily rates. The effective currency will vary depending on if the localized site is to be integrated with Glopal Checkout and Glopal Payment solution, ensuring that the price on the site will match the price buyer pays in the Glopal Checkout.

Price Adjustments

Glopal can apply percentage-based price adjustment per destination country, to discount or increase prices in the target market.

NB: The price adjustment is also automatically applied to the localized items from the Google Shopping feed. This ensures price consistency between the advertised items and the landing page.

Tax Calculation

Each localized site can be configured if localized prices should be presented including destination country taxes.

When using automatically calculated prices, Glopal only supports that all products are taxed with the same tax rate (all products belong to the same tax class in the destination country). If the site sells products taxed at different tax rates, one option may be to not include destination taxes on the localized site (taxes can still be calculated in the Glopal Checkout) or use the Fixed Price approach.

It is recommended that the site will not show tax separately, or that such elements are hidden on the localized sites with customizations. If not hidden, such elements require custom special markup for amounts to be localized correctly.

Price Rounding

To improve the localized experience, Glopal can add price rounding as the last step of automatic price localization. Multiple rounding options are supported, including:

  • rounding to the fixed ending (.95, .99,...)

  • rounding to the increment (0.25, 0.50,...) or

  • rounding to units (two decimals, whole numbers, tens, hundreds,...)

For any strategy, rounding can be configured to always round up, down, or to the nearest number (rounding either up or down).

Different Price Rounding can be configured for each currency.

NB: The price rounding rules defined for the localized sites is also automatically applied to the localized items from the Google Shopping feed. This ensures price consistency between the advertised items and the landing page

When Price Rounding is enabled, rounding is applied separately to every price or price-like value. This may cause cart totals or other calculated values to not add up. We recommend adding additional markup allowing Glopal to correctly recalculate total values, or hiding total values when adding markup is not possible.

Special Markup

In addition to automatic discovery of price-like values, Glopal allows for additional HTML markup to be provided, ensuring correct localization. Such special markup may be needed to:

  • annotate prices that are not recognized, like prices without the currency symbol or prices that are split into multiple HTML elements (for example <span>$30<sup>99</sup></span>)

  • annotate custom tax amount included in the price

  • ignore specific price-like values (eg. "company with a share capital of $100.000")

  • recalculate visible tax amounts or totals when rounding is applied

Fixed Prices

Glopal supports multiple options for implementing the "fixed prices" model.

Compared to the automatic "calculated prices" strategy, this requires additional integration but may be required to ensure that products are sold internationally at exact known prices.

Fixed prices presented on the localized sites can be configured to absorb any duty, tax or both when aplicablle, or these charges can be added up in the checkout.

Glopal recommends using the multiple price-list features of the original ecommerce platform (price book, multi-store views, multi-store fronts), where the original site returns expected localized prices. With the integration, Glopal localization solution is passing an identifier that allows an appropriate price-list to be selected.

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