Order processing

As the buyer is completing the order in the Glopal Checkout, Glopal starts order processing in the background. Depending on the store configuration, payment method, cart content, and route, this processing can include different steps and actions.



The buyer completed the checkout.

Status is updated (triggering a webhook event) right before presenting the confirmation page to the buyer.

At this stage payment is not confirmed yet and order may become cancelled by Glopal during payment & order processing.


Order is accepted by Glopal.

This is recommended event to start processing the order. At this stage order and payment is confirmed and Glopal will not cancel such orders. Order can still be cancelled by the merchant.


Order is accepted by Merchant, assigning merchant's order ID and number.

Glopal can finalize order processing.


Order processing is completed.


The order is canceled.

Order can be canceled by either Glopal or the Merchant. Glopal may cancel the order if:

  • Payment failed

  • Fraud detected

  • Prohibited

  • Glopal failed to push the order to the store using plug & play integration, and the store is configured to cancel failed orders.

Canceled orders are not shipped to the customer. To refund the buyer for orders that are shipped, please use the Glopal Refund API

Order Creation

There are several possibilities to integrate with Glopal for receiving & accepting orders.

Plug & Play Integration

If having an eCommerce store on one of the supported platforms, you can use our Plug & Play integration. When the order is marked as READY in the order processing, Glopal will automatically insert the order back into your eCommerce store backend. If the order is accepted, Glopal will fetch your order ID and number from the eCommerce store backend, mark it as ACCEPTED, and complete order processing.

In the case that your eCommerce store backend will reject the order, Glopal will retry placing it a few times until the order is placed successfully. In the case that the order fails to be inserted repeatedly, Glopal can either notify you or automatically mark this order as CANCELLED triggering a full refund/release to the buyer.

Read more about Plug & Play integration.

Order API & webhooks

By subscribing to the event webhooks or pulling events from the Order API you can get all orders that are ready to be imported into the eCommerce backend.

It is recommended to insert orders into eCommerce backend only once they get marked as READY. If your eCommerce backend allows it, you could observe orders as early as they are marked RECEIVED, creating such orders as either regular or draft orders. Please be aware that orders in the RECEIVED status are not yet screened by Glopal, and that such orders may be marked CANCELLED by Glopal during order procesing.

Observing new orders, the next step is to make API calls to fetch order details and mark each order as accepted, setting your assigned order ID and number (called "external order IDs" in the Glopal Order API). In a case order can not be ACCEPTED, it is possible to call the API endpoint and mark the order as CANCELLED. Canceling the order will automatically trigger a full refund to the buyer.

Read more about Order API and Event webhooks.

Custom integration

If presented options are not sufficient, alternatives can be supported in custom integration.

Merchant Account

Orders from the Glopal Checkout can also be accessed in the Merchant Account user interface.

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