Apart from driving new traffic thanks to the international marketing campaigns, Glopal helps you better convert existing international traffic. Rather than shopping on a site in English and your domestic currency, your international buyers will be presented with the sites localized by Glopal, with all the content translated into their language and currencies converted into their currency

Automatic Redirection

If the automatic redirection feature is enabled, upon detection of the international buyer location, thanks to the small JavaScript snippet added to your original site, the buyer will be automatically redirected to the localized version of the site.

While landing on the localized website, a disclaimer popup will explain to the shopper that he was automatically redirected, providing an option to go back to the origin domestic site.

Automatic redirection on average will facilitate a 100% increase in localized site visits.

Welcome Popup

International shoppers visiting your domestic site will be presented with an option to proceed to a site in their language or currency.

Glopal offers an additional redirection service that merchants can leverage in their marketing campaigns. This service enables merchants to advertise on social networks or through various ad hoc channels more effectively.

Merchants can achieve this by prefixing any link like with (e.g., This action will automatically redirect buyers to the localized site when they click on the link, ensuring a faster redirection process compared to automatic redirection.

Furthermore, all tracking tag parameters, such as UTM tags contained in the URL, will be preserved.

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