Price localization

When an international buyer visits a localized checkout, Glopal will by default show prices localized to the local currency of the destination market. Glopal allows buyers to switch to another currency using the country selector widget.

Currency Conversion

Glopal will convert prices to the destination currency using the currency exchange rate based on the applicable daily rates.

Price Adjustments

Glopal can apply percentage-based price adjustment per destination country, to discount or increase prices in the target market.

Tax Calculation

Glopal offers a set of features to configure taxes per country and to define if the price shown on checkout will include destination taxes or not.

Price Rounding

To improve the localized experience, Glopal can add price rounding as the last step of automatic price localization.

Multiple rounding options are supported, including:

  • rounding to the fixed ending (.95, .99, etc.)

  • rounding to the increment (0.25, 0.50, etc.)

  • rounding to units (two decimals, whole numbers, tens, hundreds)

For any strategy, rounding can be configured to always round up, down, or to the nearest number (rounding either up or down).

Different Price Rounding can be configured for each currency.


Below you can check an example of the price calculation logic at Glopal

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