Shopify Collaborator Access

How to install Glopal's Shopify extension?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Installing the plug-in while not being registered as a Glopal merchant won't allow you to benefit from any of Glopal's e-commerce modules. If you wish to test Glopal's solution, please register here

In order for your store to be able to communicate with Glopal Marketing Solutions, a Shopify Partner, and, in consequence, for us to set up your international sites and Shopping campaigns, a Shopify Custom App needs to be set up in your backend.

To achieve this you will need to grant us a collaborator access to your store and our developers will set everything up on your behalf.

By accepting our invitation you grant us access to some of your store's functionality. We will also be able to log into your backend via a Shopify partner account.

The only thing you need to do is accept a collaborator access request we will send to you, our team will ensure that everything is set up correctly.

Hence this process is fairly technical and consists of a few manual steps, to make things easier for all involved parties, we created this quick and seamless integration process which will allow for a quick launch of the international sites and Shopping campaigns.

What does it look like on your end?

You will receive an email saying that Glopal wants to have collaborator access to a specific part of the store's functionality.

  1. Please click on the View request button to proceed.

  1. In Shopify, you'll see that page listing the permissions we need in order to set up the app for you. The list is somewhat long, but please note, that this is standard for advanced Shopify apps. Please click on the "Accept request" button to confirm and proceed.

And that's it, we will take care of the rest and will reach out to you once the setup is complete.

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