Magento 1

How to install Glopal's Magento 1 extension?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Installing the plug-in while not being registered as a Glopal merchant won't allow you to benefit from any of Glopal's e-commerce modules. If you wish to test Glopal's solution, please register here.

Module Download and Installation

Step 1. Download

Download the latest version of our extension.

Step 2. Upload

Log into Magento and go to “System” and click on “Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager”. From there, click on “Choose File” and click the orange “Upload” button to upload the extension file.

Step 3. Refresh

This should jump you down to the bottom of the page where a black screen will appear. After it finished installing, click the orange “Refresh” button.

Activating the store

Step 1. Open Settings

After installing the Glopal extension, log out and then log back into Magento Admin Panel. To access Glopal, go to “System” and click on “Configuration.” On this page, under the “Glopal” heading, select the first option "Settings".

Step 2. Connect account

Fill out the form and create your account. If you already have a Glopal account, click on “Connect your account” link and log in.

Step 3. Activate stores

Fill out the form with your plugin settings and activate your stores.


Attribute Mapping

Glopal uses Magento 1 extension for plug & play integration with the Glopal Checkout.

This will automatically transfer product items and details from the Magento cart to Glopal Checkout. To pass additional non-standardized attributes (like HS code) you can configure Cart Transfer Attribute Mapping.

Replace Magento Checkout

By default, Glopal will connect to the Glopal Checkout from your localized sites. Using additional settings it is also possible to fully replace Magento checkout for a particular Magento store view with Glopal Checkout.

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