Glopal Checkout offers a fully localized flow to present a local experience in more than a hundred countries. The following are the key features of the localized checkout that Glopal offers.


Glopal Checkout is available in 45 unique languages. Global uses a natural language processing solution to deliver affordable, automated human-quality translation. Buyers can easily change the preferred language using a language switcher.

Local Payment Methods

Glopal Checkout is optimized for international buyers to shop in their local currency and language. It is possible to purchase in 37 currencies as well as to enable multiple local payment methods:

  • Local and international Debit and Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners club, JCB, Union Pay, and more

  • Direct banking payments: Giro, Ideal, Sofort, and more

  • Digital wallets: Paypal, Alipay, Apple Pay, Google pay, and more

Price adjustment and rounding

The ability to adjust prices per market is one more feature that Glopal offers to merchants. It is possible to increase or decrease products’ prices for a given locale.

Directly converting product prices can cause prices to be displayed with decimal price points in a way that is not user-friendly for shoppers. Glopal gives merchants the tools to set price rounding rules to ensure international pricing looks local.

Duties and Taxes

Glopal offers a service to calculate all import duties and taxes in the checkout in order to provide international buyers a guaranteed total landed cost. This ensures fast and frictionless customs clearance with no surprise charges. Glopal’s duty and tax solution enables merchants to both calculate and charge buyers import duty and tax in the checkout. It also then generates the appropriate international shipping documentation.

Fraud protection

All the transactions are subject to several layers of fraud checks. Glopal accepts full responsibility for all fraud risk and any resulting chargebacks on any transaction.

High-risk transactions will be denied, while transactions that require further investigation or fit a value-based risk profile will be presented for 3D Secure screening. 3DS failures will be declined.

Mobile Devices

Glopal checkout is fully responsive to the device it is being accessed from and is optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet versions.

Analytics and conversion tracking

Your international traffic will be converting on Glopal’s localized checkout. Glopal offers a feature to send conversions to your GA account. All the conversions will be properly linked to the international traffic you’re getting from Glopal.

Glopal checkout can also be configured to include conversion tracking for your marketing channels. Your existing Google Ads tags as well as Facebook pixel tags can be added to Glopal checkout to ensure proper tracking of your marketing campaigns.

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