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Email localization

Glopal Email Localization is a unique feature enabling the localization of emails sent from your eCommerce platform or another third-party marketing tool to international buyers who completed the purchase in the Glopal Checkout.

By tailoring email content for the international buyer you can see an increase in email performance (open rate, click-through, direct conversion on localized sites).

Glopal Email Localization solution is built as an Email Proxy. This makes the email localization solution usable from any eCommerce platform, CRM, or email marketing tool. For every recipient, Glopal can generate a unique email alias address. When emails are sent to this email alias, Glopal can localize the email subject, headers, and email body content, re-mailing the localized email to the buyer's original email address.

Email localization is using the same technology that is powering our real-time site localization, ensuring that localized email content is correctly targeting the corresponding localized site.

Alias Address

When the international buyer makes a purchase in the Glopal Checkout, if the Email Localization feature is enabled, Glopal creates the email alias for the buyer and can automatically replace the true buyer's email with this created email alias when inserting the order back to your eCommerce backend. This ensures that generated email alias will be used for all communication with the buyer.

Merchants integrating with Glopal Order API can retrieve both true email and email alias and decide which email address to pass to different systems. For example, you can choose to associate the buyer's purchase with the true email address, but pass the alias email address into your CRM for sending marketing emails.

Merchants using plug and play integration receive the true email in the additional order note field, while the alias email address is used as the identity of the customer.

Email Alias API

It is also possible to create Email Alias outside of the order flow, for example on customers signup, or to use inside CRM tool, by calling Glopal API. Please contact your account manager to receive the server endpoint and your API key.

Email Content

Email localization solution is localizing HTML email content.

If your emails have both text and HTML parts, Glopal will localize the HTML part and discard the text part to avoid having a significant mismatch between HTML and text parts that could increase spam score. Attachments will not be localized and are forwarded as-is.

The maximum size of the email message that can be processed via alias address is 6 MB, including all headers and attachments. Larger email messages will be silently discarded.

Email Tracking

Email localization is done on the fly, rewriting email subject and HTML content. Glopal is localizing email content by processing email content without actually loading, interpreting, or opening emails. If your email includes a special code/pixel to track the email open rate, localization will not register as "opening".

It is common for links in emails to use click tracking analytics services. When emails are sent from your email marketing tool, links may be rewritten automatically into unique links for each recipient to provide click tracking functionality. Glopal works seamlessly to preserve click tracking, while also rewriting links to target localized sites when clicked. In some cases, Geo-Location reported by click tracking analytics may appear less granular (showing the nearest major city in major countries) than when not using Glopal Email localization.

In addition, UTM and all other query parameters are preserved.

Sender Identity

By default, Glopal Email Localization is sending emails using Glopal's sender identity.

If the original email is sent From: "{Name}" <{Address}>, Glopal will resend a localized copy of this email as From: "{Name}" <{StoreName}>.

By keeping the original display name of the sender buyers will still recognize emails correctly in their mailbox. The original sender's email will appear in the Reply-To header allowing buyers to reply directly to the original sender by clicking the reply button.

As emails will be remailed using Glopal's sender identity, in the default configuration, there is no need to adjust DKIM/SPF options in the DNS settings of your sender domain.

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