Setting up Traffic Splitting with Akamai

Using Akamai allows you to serve your content from Akamai's edge servers, which can help reduce latency, improve load times, and offload traffic from your origin server.

Create a Rule Group

In the Property Manager Editor, in the Configuration Settings panel, add a new Rule Group "Glopal Traffic Split".

Modify Criteria

  1. Select "Add match"

  2. If: Path, Matches one of

  3. Enter each URL string as a comma-separated value describing a list of in-scope paths you want to delegate to Glopal, for example: "de_de/*, fr_fr/*".

Add Behaviour: Origin Server

Create a new behaviour by selecting "Add Behaviour" of type "Origin Server".

Set the values:

  1. Origin Type: Your origin

  2. Origin Server Hostname: Enter the value you receive from Glopal, for example https://store-1234.app.glopalstore.com.

  3. Forward Host Header: Origin Hostname

  4. Cache Key Hostname: Origin Hostname

  5. Supports Gzip Compression: Yes

  6. Send True Client IP Header: Yes

  7. Origin SSL Certificate Verification

    1. Use SNI TLS Extension: true

Add Behaviour: Modify Outgoing Request Header

Create a new behaviour by selecting "Add Behaviour" of type "Modify Outgoing Request Header".

Set the values:

  1. Header Name: X-Forwarded-Host

  2. Header Value: {{builtin.AK_HOST}}

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