Launching and monitoring Google Ads campaigns

Glopal gathers data from the organic and non-paid traffic channels as soon as the localized sites are launched. This allows Glopal to assess the international performance of the store before going into paid marketing.

Note: Be aware that both the Brand/Awareness and the Performance phases described below require assets such as images and videos. These should be lifestyle images and videos, showcasing your products, and as much as possible the assets should be branded, meaning, displaying your brand on the images and videos.

Brand and Awareness marketing

The first phase consists of identifying the most promising international markets and launching brand and awareness campaigns in order to build and mature the buyers' audience.

Performance marketing

The second phase is about performance marketing. Glopal programmatically launches campaigns in auto-pilot, meaning, the Glopal solution leverages as much as possible automated bidding from Google (i.e Smart Shopping / Performance Max). While Glopal does not manage campaigns manually, Glopal actively monitors and updates the campaigns in auto-pilot via various engines using proprietary rules and algorithms. For example, the campaign budget adjustments are performed automatically. When on target, Glopal will increase the budget in order to maximize GMV generation. And when the campaign is underperforming, the budget could be decreased to limit wasteful spending. Another optimization is the usage of feed custom labels and filtering to steer the campaigns towards the right items to focus on.

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