User account

By default, access to user accounts is hidden on localised sites. Reason is that Glopal proposes a standalone localised guest checkout experience. Everytime a user goes through the localised checkout, Glopal collects contact information and payment methods. The email address is used to either create an account or identify an existing account in the merchant platform so that Glopal can assign the order to it.

With this process in place, hiding access to user accounts on localised sites ensures a smooth experience for international buyers. Glopal localised guest checkout experience makes most features usually present in the user account irrelevant. Some examples include saved shipping addresses or preferred payment methods that cannot be leveraged when a user passes an order from a localised site.

When an order is passed, user accounts are always created on the origin site’s platform. There is no dedicated database of user accounts on the localised sites. Therefore, letting international buyers create user accounts or signing in from localised sites may create conflicts or frictions related to accounts already created by Glopal following an order.

Upon request, Glopal can review with Merchant the list of features present in the origin user account and assess feasibility of a custom setup.

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