Upload the localized items

Upon access to your Merchant Center account and product feed, Glopal sets up additional sub-accounts in its Merchant Center MCA (Multi-Client Account). There is one sub-account for each country you wish to run campaigns on. And after items localization, each country’s localized items are uploaded to its sub-account.

Glopal checks that the localized feeds consistently work correctly and match Google Ads platform requirements. Glopal also monitors the Merchant Center sub-accounts to prevent account suspension and resolves the feed disapproval issues.

However, despite these measures, it is still possible that Google’s automated review wrongly disapproves items or suspends sub-accounts. As a Premier Partner, Glopal has specific access to Google’s teams to resolve the issues but in these cases, the resolution timeline depends on Google.

Finally, all sub-accounts are linked to your Google Ads account, allowing Google Ads to fetch product data and advertise those products in the international campaigns.

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