Server-side customizations

Varying origin response

This will work for stores on platforms that allow access to server-side code (i.e. Magento or SFCC). For SaaS services like Shopify or BigCommerce, please use CSS or JavaScript customizations.

If CSS and JavaScript customizations do not meet your needs, you can customize the response of the origin site (and so content to be localized) based on custom request headers.

We can enable for all traffic from localized sites headers like:

X-Glopal: <unique_key> - to determine and verify that visit comes from Glopal.

X-Glopal-Country: <country_code> - to present content based on the country.

X-Glopal-Currency: <currency_code> - to present content based on the currency.

X-Glopal-Language: <language_code> - to present content based on the language.

If using requests headers to vary the content site returns to Glopal, and a site is also having a caching solution, ensure you also include Vary header or have caching layer configured to separately cache responses with different combinations of X-Glopal-* headers.

Glopal customizations

Glopal can handle many edge cases in the sites localization process. All of that happens without any actions taken by the store owners. Some examples of possible server-side customizations:

  • modifying HTML source

  • change of HTTP headers and cookies

  • HTTP redirections for selected parts of the website

  • overwriting response with data from external URL

  • rewriting external JavaScript files

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